Work Contest Idea: Stock Up on Opportunities

I just saw my first back-to-school commercial of the year. You know the type I’m talking about — they are hilarious. A parent is dancing through the aisles, grabbing school supplies while their kids look so depressed. Example:

In honor of all of the parents stocking up on school supplies, we decided to feature a competition this month around stocking up on opportunities, by motivating pipeline behaviors. We suggest giving the winner $50 toward school supplies.

Have fun!

If you’re a Compete user, don’t stop reading quite yet. Here’s how you can set this one up:

1. Competition Type

  • Competition Type – Pipeline Behaviors

Competition Type

2. General Information 

  • Contest Name – Back To School Pipeline
  • Choose Winners By – Percent to Goal
  • Start/End Date – 1 Month

Pipeline Opportunites

3. Behaviors to Motivate

  • Behavior Name – New Opportunities
  • Close Date – On or After September 1, On or Before September 30
  • Save Motivated Behavior

Motivated Behavior

4. Prizes

  • 1st Prize – $50 Staples Gift Card
  • Leaderboard Setting – Opportunity Amount
  • Display Users Goal – Yes
  • Tie Breaker – First to Score

Leaderboard Settings

5. Participants/Observers

  • Populate Participant Goals

Contest Participants

6. Contest Notification Options

  • Point of Contact – Name of Person Who Created Contest
  • Contest Launch Notifications – Chatter Notifications
  • Ongoing Leaderboard Updates – Weekly Chatter Notifications
  • Earning Entries – Chatter Notifications, Chatter Post to Contest Group & Popup Notifications

Contest Notification Options

7. Save Contest


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