Salesforce Tip Video: Make Goal Tracking a Visual Thing

We all go into work each morning with goals. But when 5 o’clock rolls around, do you know exactly how far you stand from crossing those goals off of your list? Check out this quick video to see how LevelEleven’s Customer Success Manager, Chris Beer, uses Salesforce to ensure that he does.

Or, check out the transcript:

Make Goal Tracking a Visual Thing in Salesforce

Hi, this is Chris Beer. I’m the Customer Success Manager. 

I use Salesforce to help our customers’ progress toward implementing our application and ensuring that they’re using the application to its fullest.

My Salesforce tip has to do with dashboards. 

What I do in the morning is I refresh my dashboard screen, and I see where I stand with all of my key metrics. Then I pick two metrics that I want to improve on that day. I go throughout my day, and halfway through I’ll refresh the dashboard screen again to see where I stand. Then at the end of the day, I’ll refresh my dashboard screen one more time to see the impact that I’ve had on my metrics for the day. 

So, it does two things for me. One, it allows me to ensure that I can clearly see what I’ve accomplished for the day, and then two, areas that I’ve missed throughout the day I know that I can focus on starting the next morning. 


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