15 Inexpensive or Free Prize Ideas for Your Next Sales Contest

Sometimes there’s nothing like going back to the basics and holding a sales contest, especially with the current state of employee retention and job satisfaction. When done the right way, a sales contest has the power to boost morale, encourage collaboration, and increase general excitement/engagement throughout your team.

But there’s just one question: how do you reward the winners?

You could rely on the tried and true methods of cold hard cash, but there’s an argument to be made for slightly more creative options that don’t break the bank. Putting a little bit of thought into the prizes shows reps that you, as a leader, are going the extra mile to make the contest a more meaningful experience for everyone involved. 

That, and sales reps don’t need big, flashy rewards to be motivated. It’s not about the prize. People who work in sales are generally competitive by nature — they want to be the best and they want to be recognized. Because of that, smaller incentives are effective motivators for short-term performance that can drive lasting behavioral change.

And since you’re here, you’re doing your research. You don’t have a lot of time to waste and we are here to help.

15 sales contest prizes

15 Inexpensive (Some Free) Sales Contest Incentives

  1. Arrange a pair of day passes to your city’s most popular museum for the winner and a guest of their choosing. 
  2. Have everyone come to work dressed like the winner and record a video for the company’s social channels. (This can serve as a bonus from a branding and awareness perspective.) 
  3. Gas card (With these prices at the pump? Oh yeah.)
  4. Let the winner team up with the person who organizes company events to choose the next group activity/outing.
  5. Award the winner with a subscription to a music streaming service. If they already have one, perhaps offer a subscription to a wellness app.
  6. Rent (or professionally style) the winner a special occasion outfit for their next big speaking engagement, gala, etc. 
  7. Let the winner choose a virtual cooking class to attend with a partner or friend. 
  8. Summer hours for a month! Let the winner take off early on Fridays for a month.
  9. The winner gets the VIP experience — they can jump to the front of the line for lunch/coffee, they get the big boss office, and they get the CEO’s parking spot all for one day. (or week!)
  10. Allow the winner to represent the company at the next trade show or in-person event.
  11. Have a collection of small decor pieces and let the winner choose one for their desk. (Picture frames, earbud holder, miniature globe, etc.)
  12. Let the winner pick the office snacks when it’s time to order more.
  13. Hire a one-time cleaning service for the winner’s home. 
  14. The winner gets to choose a new item to be added to the company swag, and they get one for free. 
  15. Freaky Friday! The winner can shadow someone from a department of their choosing for the day.

Has nothing caught your eye? Do you need more ideas for future contests? You’re in luck. Check out inspiration for even more incentives here.

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