The most classic use case for LevelEleven is the inside sales team. We thrive amongst the SDRs and call centers because that high activity is what LevelEleven was created for.

Over the years, LevelEleven has evolved to be applicable to many types of sales teams and sales needs, but there is no doubt that inside sales teams benefit tremendously from a solution like LevelEleven.

It’s become clear to many modern sales leaders that you can’t effectively coach your reps if you don’t have a way to validate performance and see if your coaching is actually working. We encourage these leaders to introduce consistent, measurable, and meaningful coaching into their sales processes by adopting LevelEleven’s performance management solutions.

Although every use case is unique in its own way, we met with some of our team members to gather some of the best use cases with real customer examples to spark some ideas on ways to drive your team’s performance with LevelEleven.

Motivate with Gamification and Contests

Many organizations are in this lull period where uncertainty is behind every decision they make. A large number of companies we work with are still in the process of deciding what to do next, wondering, “Are we going back to the office yet, or ever?” That’s why we’ve been working with our customers to adjust to their ever-changing strategies.

LevelEleven drives the behaviors and performance that you are looking to achieve with your team. Here’s how some of our customers are using our Motivate software to ignite competition and drive key metrics and performance upward.

How a technology company uses LevelEleven

A technology company chose to focus on contests in 2020 while working from home. They had the desire to remain connected to their team, but wanted to make these contests meaningful in order to drive the behaviors that are important to the organization. They hold monthly contests based on their company focus, whether that’s a marketing initiative or a specific product they’re pushing for the month.

How an insurance company uses LevelEleven

An insurance company uses LevelEleven’s Motivate software to run weekly contests. These contests include a points system based on activities and team members are then able to redeem these points for different prizes.

They’re also using Channel11, our tv broadcast solution, as a visual motivator to encourage sales reps to get on the phone, have conversations, and put forth the level of effort they know helps win deals. This is because Channel11 provides real-time performance visibility which leads to company-wide accountability and awareness.

How an IT services consulting company uses LevelEleven

An IT services consulting company has experienced shifts in headcount recently due to the pandemic and they are finding themselves onboarding new reps consistently as new positions open up. The team uses LevelEleven from the very beginning of the onboarding process to help reps focus on key behaviors that are important to the organization. It’s more user-friendly for newer reps who are unfamiliar with Salesforce and dashboards/reports, especially with the pacing colors that let them know where they stand in comparison to their goals.

The team introduces lower starting goals while reps are still in training, but leaders are able to schedule new goals to take effect at a future date. These goals are then automatically updated based on that date.

This brings an added level of consistency to their sales and coaching processes. They’re also more organized because they don’t need to load multiple dashboards, reports, Excel spreadsheets, notes, etc. Everything is all in one place, inside of LevelEleven.

Engage Your Team with Performance Scorecards

Performance Scorecards play into your sales processes seamlessly while your team does what they do best: sell. LevelEleven’s Performance Scorecard Lightning widget sits on your Salesforce homepage, allowing you to track your performance in comparison to your goals and see how you’re doing compared to the rest of your team.

As a manager, Performance Scorecard gives your team the ability to manage themselves. This way, you’re able to focus on coaching behaviors that drive meaningful business results, and less time talking about numbers and quotas.

How a professional basketball team uses LevelEleven

A pro basketball team uses LevelEleven for their inside seasonal sales team specifically. They use Performance and Manager Scorecards to ensure they’re tracking the most relevant metrics at all times. While their individual Performance Scorecards provide reps visibility into their own activity, the Manager Scorecards empower their leaders with a summary of their overall team’s performance.

This sales team is unique because when they’re “in-season,” they sell corporate seats, and when they’re not “in-season,” they work on other sales-focused behaviors like lead generation, lead nurturing, and measuring Salesforce data cleanup.

Simply put, their four key metrics are focused on selling behaviors during the in-season, while in the off-season these metrics change to be more applicable to what they do during that time. LevelEleven is built to be flexible enough to allow for customizations like this, it adapts to the way you work, not the other way around. This way, their LPI score doesn’t make a significant drop, as it’s not just about generating sales, it’s about driving the behaviors that are important to the organization.

In addition to Performance Scorecards, they use Contests and Channel11 to publicly celebrate their team members who succeed and hit their goals, no matter what the season.

How a real estate and insurance organization uses LevelEleven

A real estate and insurance organization holds power hour phone blitzes throughout the day and celebrates the winners by displaying the results, all through LevelEleven.

Their Performance Scorecard is used to identify activity and find metrics that mean the most to them. Using LevelEleven’s Conversion Insights, they’re able to understand how much of their activity leads to a conversion, and from there, how much activity leads to a closed deal.

Conversion Insights has been coined by one of our customers as, “A step in a direction to be able to better identify where and how to improve quality on your team.” Used as a dynamic calculator, Conversion Insights can help predict future success and conversion metrics based on previous performance and behaviors.

Specifically, Conversion Insights are valuable when it comes to coaching conversations and reps holding themselves accountable. They enable a new level of understanding of performance that helps reps visualize their own potential.

Coach the Behaviors that Drive Results

How a television broadcasting company uses LevelEleven

A television broadcasting company uses LevelEleven’s full suite of solutions to drive key sales behaviors within their organization.

They run parent-child contests, such as quarterly call contests where different sales activities help team members accumulate points (a phone call- 1 point, a discovery call- 2 points, a meeting- 3 points, and so on). These contests have quarterly winners (parent contest) and biweekly winners (child contest), which gives the entire team more opportunities to advance their position on the Leaderboard and possibly win.

The Performance Scorecard metrics they track are customized to be highly relevant to specific business needs, so they can be sure the activities they are focusing on lead to desired outcomes.To reinforce these activities, managers have consistent 1-1’s with their team, referring to member’s individual Performance Scorecards. They also document all coaching conversations inside of Salesforce with LevelEleven’s Coaching Notes.

How a metal processing and distribution company uses LevelEleven

A metal processing and distribution company is using LevelEleven Coaching for 30/60/90 day plans during onboarding. This helps them set expectations early and keep performance consistent from the beginning.

The LevelEleven team worked backwards with them and rebuilt their metrics to ensure they were driving the behaviors that actually produced the results they wanted. They use Conversion Insights to investigate how many calls lead to deals closed. They also track how many calls lead to quotes, and how many of those quotes lead to deals closed.

It’s More Than Gamification

Don’t get us wrong, we all love a little fun in the workplace, but LevelEleven is more than just contests, and contests are more than just gamification. Contests play into your entire Sales Performance Management strategy because you’re reinforcing and rewarding the correct behaviors.

LevelEleven helps you take the quality behaviors you can measure and introduces a process around coaching, follow-up and performance management while adding the value of incentives that lead to the results you want to see.

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