LevelEleven Sponsors #GirlsClub Scholarship

LevelEleven is a proud sponsor of #GirlsClub Generation 3 – a community and training program intended to help more women earn sales leadership positions and support those already leading the way.

Dedicated to changing the face of sales leaders, #GirlsClub provides management training, mentoring, confidence building, and community. The #GirlsClub program is designed to create confident, high-functioning, certified digital sales managers ready to lead a high-performing sales team.

Specifically, we’re excited to share with you the ways LevelEleven participates in this program that helps give women the skills to succeed in a sales leadership career. We are sponsoring the #GirlsClub Summer Camp program – a free three-month virtual sample of the #GirlsClub community and training program – and we’re providing a scholarship to attend the #GirlsClub Generation 3 program.

If you’re unfamiliar with #GirlsClub, you can find detailed information on their website, wearegirlsclub.com.

#GirlsClub sponsored by LevelEleven

This year’s Summer Camp included training content, virtual talks with thought leaders and support ‘pods’ where small groups could network and get support from experienced mentors. The curriculum addressed essential topics such as time management, developing a team, and pipeline management.

#GirlsClub Summer Camp was born out of a need to adapt amid the travel restrictions due to the ongoing COVID pandemic. Normally, the program culminated in a gathering called the Rise Up Conference where everyone involved got together in one place. Since in-person gatherings were no longer possible, #GirlsClub came up with a solution for the group by extending the program into the summer and opening up the invitation to the public. This brought the event that was supposed to have 100 attendees up to 400+ registrants!

For a recap of what the first month of this year’s Summer Camp looked like, check out Lauren Bailey’s post on the #GirlsClub blog.

Generation 3 of the #GirlsClub program (kicking off in January 2021) will consist of self-paced learning, live sessions with peers, live and recorded sessions with thought leaders and on-the-job activities. In this 6-month program, 100 current and aspiring female sales managers ready to advance their career will participate in a curriculum focused on front-line sales management skills and confidence-building activities.

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LevelEleven is dedicated to diversity and inclusion in our own four walls, and we’re committed to doing all we can to help bring more opportunities to all ethnicities and genders. We are proud of how our partnership with #GirlsClub is bringing more women leaders into our industry.

We’re supporting #GirlsClub in a couple of ways:


We’re proud to be the sponsor of this year’s Summer Camp, a free three month sample of the #GirlsClub program that includes sales management training, confidence building and networking opportunities for aspiring & existing female sales managers.

In addition to the Summer Camp sponsorship, LevelEleven is excited to present a 100% scholarship to the #GirlsClub Generation 3 program for 2021! This scholarship allows a protégé to attend the next training program, beginning January 2021 and lasting through June 2021.

The 6-month leadership program is for women who are either A) aspiring sales managers ready to advance their career or B) existing sales managers who need more skill development, mentoring, or support. Applications are due before October 31 to be considered for the scholarship from LevelEleven.

You can see complete scholarship details and submit your application here.


LevelEleven’s very own Mark Baird is contributing his time to the incredible mentoring program #GirlsClub has set up. Mentoring was ranked the #1 most beneficial aspect of the #GirlsClub program and has the biggest impact on helping women get promoted to leadership roles.

In volunteering for a mentorship role, mentors act as stewards of the program by encouraging more women to have career conversations and lean into self development and promotion opportunities.

Mentors are sales leaders with years of experience in a sales-related role who commit to dedicating their time to coach #GirlsClub protégés. Mark has been a mentor during this year’s Summer Camp, and will continue on as a mentor in the upcoming Generation 3 program in 2021.

If you’re interested in learning more about this incredible program, please visit the #GirlsClub website.

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