The burning question that countless sales managers face: How do we keep remote employees engaged and motivated? There are many factors that may drive you or your company to hire remote employees. Skilled employees are located all over the world where telecommuting may be the only option. According to Gartner, companies see a 10% increase in employee retention by providing the opportunity to work remotely.

Unfortunately, the benefits of working remotely come with a fair amount of challenges including a lack of remote employee engagement and difficulty tracking behavior. The good news is, there are many actions you can take to keep your remote employees connected and driven no matter the distance. So, what can you do to keep remote workers engaged and focused on the behaviors that matter?

1. Manage Remote Teams by Setting Goals:

When managing remote teams, effective goal setting can make or break the performance of your remote employees. Focus on creating both short and long time goals, involving employees throughout the process, and adapting goals as the environment changes. When your workforce is given tangible targets and objectives they must meet, they will have something to work towards, and better recognize areas that need work. This is one of the simplest ways to drive your team’s performance and engagement.

2. Drive Success by Creating Competition:

Many people are inherently competitive, and all it may take is a few contests and some transparency into other’s team members’ performance to drive more action. Sales gamification is a great way to set up automated contests with visible scorecards, encouragement, and prizes to motivate and engage your remote teams.

3. Keep Employees Connected by Maintaining Relationships:

With the technology we have access to today, distance is no longer an excuse for lack of communication. Hold one-on-ones regularly, build a rapport, and get to know employees both personally and professionally. You must have the desire to understand your remote employee’s needs and show that you care. Good relationships will go a long way in motivating your team and keeping employees connected.

With the right tools and the right leadership approach, you can be successful in managing remote teams and guiding them to success. For more information on tools that can help you motivate remote workers through performance management, request a sales gamification demo below.

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