Be A Triple Threat Sales Manager: Motivate, Engage & Coach

Congratulations. You’ve just become a front-line sales manager. You excelled as a top performing salesperson, but you’ll soon realize that what was natural to you is not always second-nature to everyone else. Knowing which methods will motivate and engage your reps is difficult, especially since your own success is now contingent on their success. That’s why exercising consistent management techniques is all the more critical in your new leadership position.

Prior to implementing our sales management system, sales leaders often struggle with the ability to motivate and engage their reps and offer consistent coaching. They seek us as a solution, since our goal is to facilitate the sales coaching process and motivate the behaviors that lead to closing more business. We have three editions within our system to work with different types of clients and provide the tools to make sales managers and reps successful.


Motivate is our bread and butter and can be implemented into your company’s sales team within a matter of hours. Embedded into Salesforce, it’s a great way to improve your CRM adoption.

Contest Automation
  • Easily create high impact leaderboards and contests to add some positive competitive energy within your sales team.
  • Built by sales managers for sales managers, this tool is used to spike a particular metric or behavior during a sales lull.
  • Only six steps to create.
  • Customizable to fit whatever key selling behavior or result you want to improve.
TV Broadcast Service
  • Broadcast your key sales data onto TV monitors around the office.
  • Live broadcasting tool that harnesses the power of positive competition and build a culture of performance.
  • Splash celebrations to recognize top performers in all areas of sales. You decide which KPIs to celebrate. Say Kevin completed the most demos this week? Splash it on the screen with his own personalized song and video.


Engage expands upon Motivate by bringing a heightened level of transparency to a rep’s experience, so they can hit their goals and you, as a manager, can hit yours. The idea is to keep your salespeople engaged in the key sales behaviors that matter – every single day.

As our CEO Bob Marsh says, “During the week, the rep can see where they stand. They are not waiting for next week’s one-on-one and saying wow, I really blew it last week.” Real-time data beats sales reports and CRM dashboards. Why put energy into gaining information that quickly becomes irrelevant? With the Engage edition of LevelEleven, managers and reps have full visibility of how they are performing.

Personalized Scorecards for Reps & Managers
  • Tells them which behaviors to stay focused on to close more business (i.e. Conversations, Demos Booked, Demos Completed, New Qualified Opportunities etc.)
  • Gives managers access to what daily actions their reps are taking
Pacing Algorithm
  • Alerts managers & reps when and where they are behind pace, on pace or ahead of pace.
  • Early Warning System, so reps know in the moment when and where they are falling behind pace, which enables real-time course correction.


Including Motivate and Engage, Coach allows managers to coach with consistency, document individual sessions and assign action items all within the Salesforce CRM.

Structured Coaching Cadence
  • LevelEleven provides pre-defined workflows, templates and more to make sure coaching is happening on a regular schedule.
  • Both managers and reps can schedule coaching sessions with specific meeting goals within our coaching templates.
Create Action Items
  • Leave your conversations with reps by giving them an action item to complete before their next coaching session.
  • With LevelEleven activity snapshots, managers can easily see which areas their reps need to improve.

At LevelEleven we have a proven track record of helping sales teams drive more business by giving sales managers the solutions to motivate, engage and coach their teams. See for yourself by booking a free demo with us.

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