18 Thanksgiving-Inspired Sales Incentives

Turn the notoriously slow Thanksgiving week into a sales opportunity. These holiday-themed incentives are a great way to boost productivity levels and reward for staying engaged during a historically slow energy week. Everyone is motivated differently, so we have a variety of themes that are sure to spark sales. Let your reps unleash their competitive spirit and start a sales contest focused on the actions and behaviors that drive revenue (closing the most deals, booking the most meetings, making the most calls, etc.) These incentives range from $0-$600. If it’s in your budget, why not go all out!

The “Go Hard and Go Home” Incentives

  • Winner leaves early the day before Thanksgiving
  • Free one-hour nap during work to cash in at the winner’s desire.
  • Winner is free to celebrate National “Stay Home Because You’re Well Day” on Nov. 30th.

The “In-laws Have Arrived” Incentives

The “On the Table” Incentives

  • Whole Foods pre-made Turkey delivered to winner’s house
  • Choice of a ‘C’ bottle for closing: Champagne, Chardonnay, Ciroc or Cuervo
  • Edible Arrangement sent to winner’s house

The “Die Hard for Gift Cards” Incentives

  • Black Friday Amazon shopping card
  • Gift card to local grocery store
  • Coffee for a week at a local shop

The “Too Much Turkey” Incentives

The “Everyone’s a Winner” Incentives

  • Day before Thanksgiving CEO has to dress up like a turkey and greet employees as they walk in.
  • Organize a staff flag football game at the nearest field or parking lot. Winner picks teams.
  • ‘Staffsgiving’ movie in the office room per winner’s choice.

Integrating sales incentives is easier than ever using LevelEleven’s Competitions. In a matter of minutes, your personalized contest can be generated and reps can fight for a winning spot on the leaderboard with real-time updates. Get started, and give your reps a reason to be (even more) thankful for you this season.

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