31 spooky sales incentives to jump-start Q4

You might think that sales incentives and Halloween are a strange mix. But there’s a good reason to pair them.

31 spooky sales incentives to jump-start Q4Every sales leader knows the last few months of the year can be terribly slow. Your prospects spend time with family or plan for next year. No one has time to for sales calls, let alone contracts and negotiations. Team morale sinks.

But there is a way to counteract this phenomenon: Front-load your sales numbers at the beginning of Q4 with a little sales motivation.

Motivate your team to push hard the first half of the quarter with a few contests and spiffs. These fun sales incentives make great prizes for winners and won’t leave a dent in your wallet.

31 sales incentives inspired by Halloween

1. CEO wears Halloween costume for entire week

2. Company campfire

3. “The Zombie Survival Guide”

4. Pumpkin pie

5. “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

6. Company trip to local haunted house

7. Halloween gift basket

8. Sleepy Hollow framed art poster

9. “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”

10. Jack-o-lantern carving event

11. Seasonal beer bucket

12. Bowling with gourds

13. Winner collects piece of candy from each co-worker

14. Pumpkin stress balls

15. Pet ghost

16. Fog machine in office for one day

17. Turn leadership team into toilet paper mummies

18. “This Is My Halloween Costume” T-Shirt

19. Scary movie viewing of the winner’s choosing

20. Pumpkin piñata

21. Zombie scrub

22. Office dance party to the “Monster Mash”

23. Bobbing for donuts competition

24. “Halloween” on DVD or Blu-Ray

25. Bag of Halloween candy

26. Lego pumpkins

27. Face painting day at work

28. Winner gets to cover one desk in fake spider webs

29. Fake tombstone

30. Halloween trophy

31. Jack-o’-lantern punch balloons

These fun, inexpensive incentives should help your team’s productivity to take off in early Q4. And you’ll raise morale while you’re at it.

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