Sales Stack Snapshots: Torrent Consulting in 2 Minutes

sales stack snapshot torrent consultilng“The Year of the Sales Stack.” That’s what TechCrunch dubbed 2016. Unfortunately, as a sales leader, your time fills too quickly to allow for evaluations of all of the software and services that could strengthen your tech stack this year. We’re here to help. This series offers snapshots of some of the top software and service providers in the sales category. You can read each in under 5 minutes, and then find out the best way to learn more for any that inspire you to do so.

Your Sales Stack Snapshot of Torrent Consulting

Our third snapshot in the Sales Stack series features Torrent Consulting, a market leader in business consulting and Salesforce implementations across the country. We interviewed the team’s Managing Director, Phil Brabbs.

  1. Every sales leader reading this post will receive multiples calls and emails today from vendors. If your sales team were calling right now, what would they say?

“First and foremost, we would only call if we made a connection with them. We don’t cold call, so the assumption is they’re already interested and they’re expecting the call.

“But what we focus on in that first call is truly understanding their challenges and pain points as a sales leader. We can’t offer a solution until we know what they’re facing.”

  1. Where does your solution fall within the modern sales technology stack?

“We’re implementers. Hence the reason why on our first call we need to truly understand needs and challenges, so we can understand which part of the sales stack can truly give them the most ROI.”

  1. During a time when the amount of sales technology and service options available seem infinite, why should sales leaders pay attention to Torrent?

“We’re that third-party trusted advisor. So Torrent is Torrent Consulting, not ‘Torrent Buy our products.’”

  1. If the person reading this right blog now were to take you on, what specific problem would you solve for their business, and what kinds of quantifiable results could they expect?

“We would create a consistent and repeatable framework for their organization that develops best practices around how they sell and also drives transparency through the organization.

“As for results, we would deliver a more efficient sales process, which would lead to a greater success in closing more business faster. If we can’t do that then we should not exist.”

  1. Give us your absolute best customer success story in no more than 3 sentences.

“In our initial engagement with TenthCraft, they had no sales technology stack. We helped them to employ Salesforce successfully and then have gone on to transform everything from how they market, to how they sell, to how they even quote and manage shipments of their product. They’ve truly embraced cloud technology, and we’ve been their partner in this journey.”

  1. Where’s the best place our readers can go to learn more about you?

“Text me: 704-609-3490. (I’m in meetings all day on most days, so text is easier than calls) or send me a tweet at @brabbs.”

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Sales Stack Snapshots: Torrent Consulting in 2 Minutes
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Sales Stack Snapshots: Torrent Consulting in 2 Minutes
Our third snapshot in the Sales Stack series features Torrent Consulting, and we interviewed the team’s Managing Director, Phil Brabbs.
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