Motivate Sales & Marketing Teams by Banning Burnout [Free eBooks]

Don't let burnout hamper productivity
Don’t let burnout hamper productivity

We all know that we live in a world of connectivity. All connected. All the time. Old news.

When it comes to motivating sales and marketing teams, we’re all looking for ways to build on that technology that connects us, asking questions like:

What’s the hottest incentive?

What kinds of software solutions can motivate sales and/or marketing?

But none of these options can see realized potential on a burnt out staff. And so sometimes, the absolute best thing you can do to crank productivity is to simply encourage your team to step away from it all. To disconnect.

Arianna Huffington, chair, president & editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post, shared a strong stance on this at Hubspot’s Inbound ’13 conference: “…you go into American workplaces, or workplaces anywhere in the world, and they’re largely fueled by burnout. Sleep deprivation. Exhaustion. A kind of very male model — sorry, guys — of success, which is working 24/7, driving yourself to the ground and ending up with a corner office and a heart attack in your fifties.”

While you may not feel as opinionated on the matter, we encourage you to at least take a minute to recognize whatever level of burnout likely surrounds you. Look at your top performers. How often do you think they actually take a break? For that matter, how often do you actually take a break?

We all know what it’s like to disconnect for at least a bit — how coming into a work environment fresh makes you want to do better, take on more. On the other hand, you may not be ready to set up a yoga room in your office. If that’s the case, we wrote our latest eBook for you.

Download a free copy, and you’ll get:

  • 5 things you can do to ease your team into a healthier, more motivated state
  • Advice from prominent business leaders who have found ways to help their teams disconnect

We created two versions — one for marketing and one for sales leaders. Check them out, and then let us know how the tips shared work for you.

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