As far as conferences go, the Chicago Salesforce1 Tour was a hit. At least in our books. Here’s why:

1. We stayed busy at the LevelEleven booth, meeting a lot of good people.

Chicago’s Salesforce1 Tour

Shout out to you, SaaSy. (And to GIFs that are clearly homemade.)

2. The music was great.

Chicago’s Salesforce1 Tour

We had to ask Lowell to stop doing this and start giving demos.

3. Certain hits even bonded us with our booth neighbors. 

Chicago’s Salesforce1 Tour

Note to Salesforce: Please place us by Riva again. #neighbors

4. Speaking of music, we ran to the keynote when we heard Buddy Guy was there. 

Chicago’s Salesforce1 Tour

A little “Sweet Home Chicago” from the Buddy Guy? Yes, please.

5. We got to give away a Fitbit. 

Chicago’s Salesforce1 Tour

Congrats to Stantive Technologies Group‘s Vlad Hachinski!

6. People from the conference next door looked like this.

Chicago’s Salesforce1 Tour

We were secretly wishing Batman would sneak into the Salesforce1 Tour and check out our sales leaderboards.

7. We went to Sonoma Partners’ post-conference “Raise the Roof” event.

Chicago’s Salesforce1 Tour

And we did this the whole cab ride over from McCormick.

8. Which involved us going up. Way up. To the Top of the Wit Hotel. 

Chicago’s Salesforce1 Tour

And we did this during the whole elevator ride.

9. …where the 27th floor was intriguingly windy. Literally. The indoor bar was windy.

Chicago’s Salesforce1 Tour
Or was that just where we were standing?

10. And we saw a lot of Dreamforce backpacks, which got us pumped for October 13. 

Chicago’s Salesforce1 Tour

We’re beyond ready to do this again for 4 days then. See you there?

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10 Reasons We Loved Chicago’s Salesforce1 Tour [in GIFs]
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10 Reasons We Loved Chicago’s Salesforce1 Tour [in GIFs]
It's been a couple of days since Chicago's Salesforce1 Tour, and we wanted to tell you why we're still pumped.
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