What is Sales Gamification? Does It Work? Find out in This Video.

Sales GamificationFirst we announced a webinar-based encore of Bob Marsh’s Dreamforce ’13 session: “Gamification: BS or Bottom Line?” It hit maximum capacity within 24 hours of registration opening.

Next step? Turn the encore into more encores, based on requests. Today we ran the last one.

The final step is what we’re writing this post to announce: You can now access the 15-minute webinar recap to watch at your convenience.

Download the free video, and you’ll learn:

  • What motivates salespeople
  • What sales gamification is and whether it can seriously impact business
  • What happened when companies like Varsity Spirit and Stanley Black & Decker implemented sales gamification

…all in 15 minutes.

Hesitant to hand over that time? We transcribed a small portion of Bob’s introduction, to give you a taste of what you’ll hear (and, let’s be honest, hopefully make you want to hear more). So here it is:
“If you’re a sales leader, what your obsessed about is: ‘I’ve got to crush my number.’ I mean this is what drives you. It’s what gets you out of bed in the morning. It’s what drives your compensation. It’s what drives your ability to provide for your family. It’s what gives you your personal…kind of…self value and self worth — it drives those things a little bit. 

And so, any manager’s not thinking about: ‘God, I hope I can get really close to my number.’ It’s like: ‘How do I crush that thing? How do I go way past it?’

And that’s where real innovation, growth, wealth, career growth opportunities, etc. really come from is crushing the number.

And if you don’t do that, the impact can be pretty dramatic. At Oracle recently, they missed their quarterly revenue forecast by only 2 percent, and the next day their share price dropped by 9 percent, which was a $15 billion dollar loss in valuation.

So, small little misses can make a dramatic impact.


Find out how certain companies avoided those “small little misses,” and crushed their numbers, in the video’s other 14 or so minutes. Get it here.



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