Dreamforce 2013 eBookSo, you’re going to Dreamforce 2013…

You should be excited right now. Really excited. Just don’t forget that you’ll be attending the conference in one of the most perfect places in the U.S.


Surveys, polls and research have given San Francisco titles like “Best American City” and status as one of the ten happiest cities in the world. It’s also been named the country’s least affordable place for living. Yet over 200,000 people are willing to pay that price.

Why not spend some time getting to know the city to find out why?

Our latest eBook suggests 4 quick mini excursions you NEED to experience while in the City by the Bay. It comes with:

  • Tips on things like costs and time allowances
  • Simple maps of main destinations
  • Links to additional online resources

Choose to do one activity, or one each day. Either way, promise us you’ll experience at least a hint of what San Francisco offers. And then maybe you’ll stop by our booth (N2107) or one of our sessions to let us know how it went?

Read the free eBook! 

Dreamforce 2013: 4 Must-Sees Outside of the Conference [Free eBook]
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Dreamforce 2013: 4 Must-Sees Outside of the Conference [Free eBook]
Heading to Dreamforce 2013? Check out this free eBook for four mini excursions you need to experience in San Francisco!
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