Are You on Track to Crush Q4 Sales Goals? [Webinar]

Crush Q4 Sales GoalsLet us state the obvious: As you read this, the clock ticks. Forty-six business days remain in Q4. That is, unless your company closes for more than one business day during the holiday season. In that case, we lied. Go ahead and start subtracting.

Timing in prospective? Good.

Now we have to ask: Where do you stand on your Q4 sales goals?

You should be well on your way to crushing them. After all, we’re talking about month 2. Of Q4. Right now you need to be sprinting toward the end zone for a TD. And after you score, be ready for a 2-point conversion. You need to make this year. You need set yourself up for what’s next. And so you need to embrace the pressure and beat expectations.

Attend our webinar on November 5 from 1 to 1:30 p.m. ET, and you’ll be set to do that.

The session, hosted by LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh, is based on the eBook, 4 Steps to Crush Q4 – only it has a November twist. That means you’ll know what to do the minute you log off of the webinar. You’ll also know where to go from there, having learned how to:

  • Rely on a four-step plan to attack Q4 sales goals
  • Elevate the plan’s results by layering on sales gamification
  • Approach any Q4 sales challenges you’d like to ask questions on


We can’t wait to offer these best practices. Then, the whole time you implement them, we’ll be on the sidelines cheering like mad.

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