Sales Gamification for Impact [Sales Benchmark Index]

Sales Gamification for ImpactWhat kinds of sales initiatives did you take on this year? Regardless of your response, we can bet that you’re at least beginning to evaluate their success right about now. After all, the year’s end approaches, and you have a vital question to answer for all you undertook: What was the impact?

Ryan Tognazzini dives into that question in “How Gamification Will Impact Your Sales Initiatives,” his latest post for the Sales Benchmark Index. He discusses why it can be difficult to address. Then, he talks about what gamification can do to answer it. That’s where things get exciting.

Here’s an excerpt:

Gamify Your Sales Initiatives

Sales Gamification is a type of sales compensation, known as a sales contest. It is meant to modify the behavior of your sales team.

Gamification is not a new concept. Google the term and you can read for hours on end. Its application to improve ROI on sales initiatives is increasing, however. The reason for this is because CEO’s want an impactful return on sales investments.

Gamification allows your sales leaders to retain the attention of an increasingly distracted sales team.


Take a few minutes to read the full story here. Then one year from today, when you face the big question again, you can thank us. (Or Ryan Tognazzini.)

Sales Gamification for Impact [Sales Benchmark Index]
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Sales Gamification for Impact [Sales Benchmark Index]
Sales gamification can be used as a tool to impact sales initiatives. And we've got a post to give you the details.
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