It’s Not Gamification: It’s How You Use It

SalesForce Logo Gamification can assist sales leaders in driving nearly anything they’d like to motivate — from CRM engagement, to productivity, to specific sales initiatives. But here’s what it cannot do: Serve as a fix-all solution on its own.

After all, it’s not gamification: It’s how you use it. And that’s exactly what LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh discusses in his recent contribution to the Blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

Too many people are focusing attention on “gamifying” their company or their sales team. Instead of sales managers helping to make their organization more productive and successful, they are all too often getting caught up in gamification as a buzzword. While gamification and well-designed competitions can improve employee CRM engagement, gamification does not replace an effective sales push or strategy. Think of gamification as more of a tool to help get the job done – a very effective one when used in a thoughtful manner – but a tool nonetheless. It’s not about gamification, it’s about the execution of your gamification strategy.

So what does this all mean in the real world? Three companies across diverse industries have found their gamification programs to be successful in driving three separate initiatives, including a critical product launch, CRM adoption and specific sales process improvement. Check out their stories:

Executing on a critical product launch:

Last year the Detroit Pistons used a competition to rally its sales team around a critical product launch: selling single game suites. Sales managers incorporated real-time leaderboards with ongoing updates on competition standings to keep this key product top of mind amongst reps. As a result, the Pistons achieved half of its entire year’s sales goal for the key product in only 6 weeks. With something as simple as deploying a gamification app, teams went above and beyond the goal: Competitions resulted in $500,000 in sales.

Read the rest of the story here. 

If you’re interested in this topic, you should also check out the 15-minute video recap of our gamification webinar:

It’s Not Gamification: It’s How You Use It
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It’s Not Gamification: It’s How You Use It
If you're considering gamification to drive key sales initiatives, then you need to realize this: It's all about how you use it.
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