Getting Started with Salesforce: What Not to Do [Free eBook]

Getting Started with SalesforceAbout to get started with That’s big news. Now you just need to decide how you’ll set up your org, go about training, get your team to adopt the platform…shall we continue? Not going to happen, because we don’t want to overwhelm you. This post exists to do just the opposite.

We’re simply writing to tell you that we’ve released an eBook. And, well, it’s our first one, so we’re hoping you’ll show us some love.

Download Getting Started with Salesforce: What Not to Do to learn from John Durocher, EVP of’s Customers for Life; Micaiah Filkins, President and Co-founder of Force by Design; Tom Engelhardt, Salesforce Solution Architect at Lawley Insurance; and Bob Marsh, CEO of LevelEleven. They’ll share wisdom on topics like:

  • Where to direct your focus before launching Salesforce
  • How to align the platform with your business objectives
  • Who should be involved in building your org
  • What to do to promote CRM adoption
  • How to set up training 
  • What to consider when it comes to resources like third-party apps and firms
  • How to maintain success after a strong implementation 

Of course, we say you give it a quick read. Then you can get away from feeling overwhelmed and get ready for a strong launch!

Download the eBook! 

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