Event: Enterprise Gamification Forum – NYC

Enterprise Gamification Forum 2013Does sales gamification really work?

If you’re attending the 2013 Enterprise Gamification Forum in New York City, you’ll have the chance to find out. On September 25 at 9:15 a.m., LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh will speak on that exact topic. Read on to get pumped for it. (We know we are.)

Session: Is Gamification for Sales Really Working?

Description: We all know that salespeople are innately competitive, so the rapid pace at which sales leaders are adopting gamification solutions to increase their teams’ productivity isn’t surprising. But nonetheless, the market still has its doubts. (Who could forget about the 2012 Gartner report that predicted the failure of 80% of gamified apps by 2014?)

So one question stands prominent: Is sales gamification really working? 

And our answer does, too: Of course it is.

When applied thoughtfully, gamification can motivate sales reps to focus on the right things and increase defined behaviors, in turn enabling them to achieve — or even surpass — sales goals. That’s because, in argument against its stereotype, gamification isn’t just about slapping on a badge or handing out a gift card. It’s about motivating salespeople and cultivating an engaging work environment.

And we should note that if you’re interested in this topic, you’ll want to attend our upcoming 30-minute webinar, “Gamification in the Workplace: The Sales Story,” on 9/4 at 1 p.m. ET

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