Do Non-Compete Agreements Stifle Innovation?

Some think non-competes hurt business; others say the agreements are simply essential for employers. So, which is right?

LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh recently discussed that question with Distil Networks Co-founder & CEO Rami Essaid and “Money” host Melissa Francis on Fox Business. Here’s how it started:

Melissa: “Keeping with the entrepreneurial angle here, numerous experts think the key to a thriving economy is small business, but what happens when your big employer basically stops you from being able to start your own company or get another job? It is happening more and more because of non-compete agreements, which are actually becoming increasingly more common. Now some are even saying those very clauses are the fastest growing threat to our economy. That is quite an argument. Here to break down both sides is Rami Essaid, who started his own company and then got sued over his non-compete, and Bob Marsh, a CEO that supports them.”

See what happened from there by clicking play below…

Fox Business

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