Podcast: Winning the Sales Game

Game ChangerAre you a business leader interested in learning about enterprise gamification? Then the Game Changer podcast series exists for you. We suggest you check it out.  And, if you’ll allow us to be biased, start with episode 9.  You’ll listen to host Jesse Lahey and guest Bob Marsh discuss topics like:

  • What the 4 phases of CRM adoption for sales are
  • How gamification can help sales teams move each phase forward
  • How LevelEleven’s Compete works to build a sales pipeline, motivate sales teams
    to take targeted actions and drive Salesforce adoption


Click here to listen to the podcast.



Podcast: Winning the Sales Game
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Podcast: Winning the Sales Game
CRM adoption, enterprise gamification, LevelEleven's Compete -- these are the types of topics that Bob Marsh and Jesse Lahey cover in this "Game Changer" podcast.
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