Gamification in the Workplace [Webinar]

Gamification in the Workplace

It’s simple: Competition motivates people. And if you know how to leverage it, that motivation can create serious ROI.

That’s part of why the term “gamification” found popularity. Businesses are watching it work. They’re tapping into their team’s competitive nature and improving employee engagement and productivity as a result.

We’re hoping that at this point, you’re asking yourself something like: How can I learn about getting the most from gamification? Because we have the answer…

Join Gary Galvin, president and founder of Galvin Technologies and  Bob Marsh, CEO of LevelEleven for a webinar on Thursday, May 30th at 11 a.m. EDT.

You’ll learn things like how to:

  1. Challenge & motivate for improved performance in your company
  2. Develop competence throughout your team
  3. Increase loyalty among your customers
  4. Encourage innovation in your environment
  5. Improve leadership across your business


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