ePrize Sales Enablement: Tablet App for Tradeshows

We just finished up our sponsorship of the Sales 2.0 conference in San Francisco, which was a great event. There were a couple hundred people in attendance, and I heard very positive feedback from the attendees. Having been at a few of these events, I thought this one had particularly good content and speakers. Most everyone I spoke with had specific ideas to put in action when they get back to the office.

ePrize sponsored the conference to showcase our new sales enablement business line. We’re essentially taking our 13-years experience of working with the world’s largest brands to build consumer promotions that motivate behavior, and applying those concepts within sales organizations.

Our booth was mostly focused on our Contest Builder app for Salesforce.com, which was very well received. We also were using a beta version of another ePrize sales enablement tool, which is a tradeshow contest on a tablet device. This actually got the attention of several other exhibitors who said they would have loved to have something like this available in their own booths.

Sean Nelson and I put together a quick video of this new product in action. Check it out!

We first used this tablet contest at Dreamforce 2011, and the product continues to evolve as we take it to market. What do you think? What would you want in a device like this to help you at trade shows?

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