Motivate the behaviors that lead to sales.


Modern sales leaders, meet your Sales Activity Management platform. Get ready to transform your team into a data-driven sales machine.

Get More Wins Out of Your Sales Team

Crank up productivity, so that your sales team of 100 gives you the output of 125.

Identify the sales KPIs that drive revenue.

You’re not at a loss for data right now. But do you know which of that data matters most to get your team to its goals? We’ll identify the KPIs that matter.

Gain real-time insight for you and your team.

Empower your team with real-time visibility into performance around the KPIs that matter.

Improve performance.

Display your new-found insight in a way that changes sales behaviors, through increased coaching opportunities, sales motivation and peer-to-peer collaboration.

Change one-time behaviors into long-term habits.

Reinforce your team’s increased focus and productivity, through the rewards that our platform triggers.

Take your team from just busy, to busy on the right things.

See it all add up to produce predictable sales performance. Let that drive you and your team to your number every single month.


How to Create a World-Class Business Development Team: Lessons Learned from Hubspot

Find out how Hubspot strengthened its data-driven sales approach in 6 steps, to increase overall sales activity by 26%.

Clear Focus + Increased Productivity = More Sales

35% increase in sales productivity and 31% more qualified prospect meetings

400% increase in year-over-year new business pipeline

412% increase in qualified sales opportunities in less than 30 days

Generated $2.1 million in new product sales

$5.8M in incremental sales in 6 weeks by focusing on face-to-face meetings

From $50k to $900k in a single quarter by focusing on key product pitches

60% growth in new pipeline by focusing on proactively searching for new business

40% increase in sales qualified leads by focusing on the best marketing leads


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