LevelEleven Winter 2022 Release

We’re excited to bring you the latest updates to LevelEleven in our Winter 2022 Release. As always, we strive to offer the best ways for you to make LevelEleven your own. These new features and improvements do just that.

The full list of updates can be found in the link to the Release Notes below, but read on to learn about some of the great new offerings from LevelEleven.

Milestones: Threshold-Based Badges and Prizes

Imagine you, as a manager, are looking through Scorecards and are noticing a lot of red because your team is lagging behind on their KPIs. Now imagine there is a way to instantly rally your team to achieve their goals. 

Milestones are a new and unique way to provide a boost of motivation by automatically awarding badges and optional prizes to team members who reach a predefined threshold (e.g. personal goal or a custom target). 

Managers can take immediate action where and when their team needs it the most. Simply add a Milestone to your selected cumulative metric to set up powerful incentivization. Custom targets selected by you will award a Milestone when someone crosses the finish line.


Upon successful completion, team members will automatically be sent out a Badge and an optional prize.  

Your team will be notified of an active Milestone via email, as well as having it visible within Scorecard. Everyone will be told how they can reach the Milestone and what prize, if any, will be awarded.

Updates to Badges

One of our most popular features has received some fantastic updates, giving you the best ways to recognize teams and enhance your experience with gamification.

Automate Badges with Salesforce Flows: Salesforce Admins can use Salesforce Flows to automatically award Badges to users after meeting a set of criteria, such as if you close a deal of a certain size or if you make a certain amount of calls. If achieved, an email will be sent out when the Badge is earned, the Badge is visible in leaderboards for three days, and it is added to the Badge gallery for future bragging rights.  

Give a Badge to Any User: No one will be left out of the fun. Badges can be awarded to any and all Scorecard users, even if someone is on a different Scorecard or team. The ability to give a Badge to any user adds an extra layer of collaboration to your team and makes room for more ways of using this popular feature, like company-wide competitions.

Custom Badge Images: Giving you ways to make LevelEleven your own is of utmost importance. We are expanding Badges to higher levels of customization. Scorecard Admins can upload custom images to supplement the LevelEleven Badge Image Library. All you need is an image URL and a few clicks to get going. This update allows teams to be in control of their gamification experience and have Badges align with their unique goals and needs.  

Manager Scorecard Home

All of your teams, all in one place. If you are a manager using Scorecard, you are now able to see all of your profiles on the same page. The new home screen displays an overview of the primary metrics affiliated with each profile, plus any pending Coaching Notes and active Milestones. 

Ideal for managers in charge of multiple teams, this new summary screen gives your data more context while also reducing the number of clicks required to check up on your team.

Manager Scorecard Home is designed to enable managers to know what actions are needed instantly. Instead of switching through multiple Scorecards to see what’s going on with your whole team, you can see who is performing well and who might need more assistance based on real-time data in one designated place.

It Only Gets Better!

A lot of exciting things have been happening in the world of LevelEleven, and we are thrilled to be sharing the latest with you. In addition to the great features and updates we’ve walked you through, there is still much to discover in the Winter 2022 Release. 

You can find the full breakdown in our Release Notes, which will also mention some fantastic UI enhancements:

User experience is always top of mind for us — after all, we get some of our best ideas from working with our fantastic customers.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the latest from LevelEleven! We are confident these enhancements will empower your sales leaders and teams with new and creative ways to motivate one another and recognize milestones achieved natively within Salesforce. 

For more information on this release, and to see all the latest updates in action, be sure to watch the recording of our LevelEleven Winter 2022 Release Webinar

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