Part II: Tips to Successfully Manage Your Remote Team

With the rising number of companies moving to a temporary remote working policy, we want to offer some ideas on how best to navigate this new way of working without missing a beat.

Keep an Eye on Your Team with Manager Scorecard

Manager Scorecard can help you keep track of your team, but even better, helps your team stay focused on what is important. It can give you an overall view of how your team is doing towards their goal and with the help of the Team Members Tab, you can also see which reps might need a little more help than others.

Set-up the Scorecard Weekly Digest

If you’re checking Manager Scorecard and your reps are looking at Scorecard, the information received from the weekly digest emails won’t be that surprising, but it is a nice way to get a snapshot on the go of how the team is doing (and for your rep, how they rank against their peers).

LevelEleven customers can reach out to their CSM to get this set up. It can be set up any day and time the user would like, maybe an end of week wrap up, or a mid-week reality check.

Coaching Tips:

1. Coaching is Even More Important When Your Team is Remote!

Coaching will become even more important with a remote team. Your usual management style will need to adjust to the new situation, but having some tried and true Coaching templates available will help you hit the ground running.

2. Create a Remote Check-in Template

With everyone working remotely, you won’t be able to have those quick check-ins as you walk by your rep’s desk anymore. Create a quick check-in template in Coaching that will allow you that same touch point with your reps even though you don’t see them every day.

3. Create Some Go-To Templates

Having a couple of go-to Coaching templates already set up will ensure that you don’t skip a beat. LevelEleven customers can reach out to their CSM to help create templates that will make the job easier.

And remember, Coaching doesn’t have to be time-consuming, these can be quick check-ins with a more in-depth monthly one-on-one. Making sure that the lines of communication are open is the most important part.



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