Dreamforce is all about making connections, whether that be with business partners, new friends, or even new products and ideas. Although the heavily populated Dreamforce campground makes for a great place to be introduced, that’s not so much the case for cultivating deeper relationships. Sponsors are offered certain meeting rooms but they’re hard to come by. In addition, Navigator and lower level sponsors share meeting rooms between themselves, getting blocks of time each day. And if you are not with a sponsoring company, you must fend for yourself to find a place where you can have a meaningful conversation.

The bottom line is that at Dreamforce, finding a meeting space is hard and having in-depth conversations in the campground is even harder. To have successful conversations and build meaningful business relationships at Dreamforce, you’ll need a professional, offsite meeting location.

Because of the scarcity of meeting spaces provided by Salesforce, you must get creative when setting meetings. Using an offsite meeting location is a great alternative when space is so limited. Keep reading to see our offsite meeting ideas to make Dreamforce 2019 as successful for you as possible.

Coffee shop –

This is an oldie but a goodie when it comes to offsite meeting ideas. Coffee shops are great meeting spaces for a number of reasons. They offer a professional but laid back atmosphere, table space to meet with laptops and notebooks, and, of course, coffee! Here are some coffee shops you can utilize during Dreamforce 2019, all within close proximity to Moscone. You may have to wait a bit to claim a space, but it’s a good option.

  1. Starbucks: This is always a good fallback when looking for meeting locations. People are familiar with Starbucks, making them even more comfortable than they would be in any other venue. Their dark wood tables and craft drinks create the perfect atmosphere for a professional or casual meeting.
  2. Peets coffee: This is also a chain, known mostly to the west coast. Like Starbucks, there is guaranteed good coffee, a relaxing atmosphere, and tables to accommodate meetings of various sizes.
  3. Samovar – Yerba Buena Gardens: Looking for something special? Here’s your place! This serene lounge with garden views. Impress your guests with this spacious and beautiful shop.
  4. Blue Bottle Coffee: This is a trendy shop offering upscale coffee drinks & pastries. They have food as well, but it’s a minimal menu, allowing only for casual snacks, just enough to get you through the meeting.

Coworking Space –

offsite meeting - coworking space Shared workplaces are a growing trend (there’s even a map dedicated to them) that’s not only reserved for small startups or independent business owners. Coworking spaces are excellent accommodations for an offsite meeting. They offer great benefits such as the latest technology, comfortable yet modern office environments, and sometimes kitchens. Many coworking spaces offer entire rooms for rent so you can have the boardroom experience during Dreamforce.

If you think finding a coworking space is going to be a daunting task, think again! Because this is such a fast-growing business model, there are websites dedicated to matching you with a coworking space. These sites, such as peerspace or splacer make conference room booking easy. They work similarly to AirBnB as they match rooms to you based on your preferred location, price, and size of the room. They offer the ability to rent conference room by the hour or entire days, perfect for an offsite meeting.

Restaurant –

Restaurants offer a relaxed environment for offsite meetings, whether with existing customers or prospects you’re trying to woo. In the case of Dreamforce, they are a great option because they can be scheduled for dinner time, after the bustle of the day. The key to a successful dinner meeting is getting a private dining room. You need to be sure the restaurant has the space and capability of hosting your event beforehand. Providing food and beverages is a nice perk, but try to choose the menu options beforehand to prevent food ordering decisions from taking up time you could be collaborating.

Looking for a restaurant with private rooms and the right accommodations can be tedious so we did some of the work for you. Take a peek at some of the restaurants below to get started on planning a successful offsite meeting.


    1. Boulevard: Their website mentions their private rooms and opportunities for fabulous dinners. They serve American fare from renowned chef Nancy Oakes and are located at a chic Embarcadero spot boasting bay views. Between the views, excellent food, and privacy, this is an excellent option.
    2. Harris’: If you’re in search of an old school setting, this is the place for you. They offer acclaimed dry-aged steaks as well as private event rooms. The restaurant also features beautiful wood accents and soft jazz music.
    3. Ouince: If you’re looking to impress guests with locally sourced food and wines, this is the place for you. Run by a husband and wife duo who are passionate about bringing San Francisco to the table, it offers a private room and unique dining experience to complement any meeting.
    4. Farallon: This jewel is a classy seafood themed restaurant that’s cheeky undersea decor such as elegant jellyfish lighting and private rooms. They offer a long list of California wines and a raw bar, perfect for seafood lovers.

In a perfect world, there would be ample meeting space for every sponsor and attendee at Dreamforce, but that’s unfortunately not the case. No matter where you meet, be sure to meet with LevelEleven! Stop by our booth (#711) for more information or book a meeting with us now.

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