Drive Your Bottom Line in 2018 with These New LevelEleven Features

Drive Your Bottom Line in 2018 with These New LevelEleven Features

At LevelEleven, we practice what we preach and always strive to take our product to the next level. As you kick off 2018, we have a new set of features we’re introducing to the LevelEleven Sales Management System to help further maximize the productivity and output of your sales team.

Here’s a breakdown of LevelEleven’s newest features and what they stand to offer your sales team:

Success Plans (Coaching Feature)

• Identify time-based goals during key training periods
• Identify start and end dates for onboarding or performance reviews
• Track coaching notes during training periods
• Structure your onboarding and performance plan processes

Success Plans help sales managers provide their team with a concrete training plan which includes comprehensive action items and goals. For example, when onboarding a new employee or implementing a performance review, you can now define milestones toward those goals so your team can stay on track. No matter the training requirement or the employee’s tenure, Success Plans live up to their name by optimizing training and streamlining employee development.

Action Items (Coaching Feature)

• Create specific actions for members of your sales team
• Synchronize them with tasks in Salesforce
• Add action items outside of coaching notes

Whereas in the past you simply had to meet and discuss tasks with your team, you now have the ability to assign Action Items directly in Salesforce. This means all of your coaching related comments and actions are stored and managed in one place. Acutely named, Action Items are short-term tasks that specify an action for specific individuals. This could include things like following up on a key prospect, reading an article or connecting with an internal teammate to learn something. They allow you to further guide your team through any given task or project and provide more finite assignments. From training exercises to sales processes, Action Items are a more granular means of management for teams of Account Managers, Account Executives, Customer Support, Customer Success or Sales Development Representatives.

Count Distinct (Scorecard Feature)

• Measure sales reps against a unique “count” of activities
• Set specific time-frames to measure within
• Filter reps against any key metric

The new Count Distinct feature gives new business and account management sales leaders the ability to report on UNIQUE counts for a type of activity. For example, have at least one meeting with all of your accounts each quarter or ensure there is at least one activity in the last 30-days on all open sales opportunities. While standard Salesforce reporting allows you to see which Accounts or Opportunities have a certain type of activity, it doesn’t allow you to unique count how many have been touched at least once. This new feature is available on your Scorecard metrics.

Want to learn more about LevelEleven’s latest features? Register for our upcoming webinar for an in-depth breakdown!

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