6 Free Apps You’ll Want To Download Before Dreamforce 2017

1. CamCard

  • After Dreamforce ends, you are likely to have enough business cards to fill a small home. Rather than sifting through each one and manually plugging in the information, let CamCard do the grunt work.
  • This app allows you to take a photo of a business card and upload the contact information straight into your phone or Salesforce account.

2. Salesforce Events

  • This app is essential for any Dreamforce goer. Productive and organized, Salesforce Events provides a breakdown of your agenda, a list of event sponsors and a map of available shuttles to get you where you need to go.
  • Not only does it provide a map of the entire Dreamforce event, but by signing in, you’re able to view recommended sessions based on your profile through Salesforce’s new “Einstein” feature.

3. Kiwake Alarm Clock

  • Dreamforce is a four day stretch of long nights and early mornings. Prevent yourself from hitting the snooze button after late networking dinners by downloading Kiwake. Rather than relying on snooze, Kiwake forces you to get moving and motivated.
  • Here’s how it works: before you go to bed, the app requires you to take a picture of an object across your room, like a lamp or a chair. When the alarm sounds in the morning, the first step toward turning it off is getting out of bed to snap a photo of that same object.
  • The next step is engaging the mind by completing one of five puzzles. Finally, you read through motivational goals you typed into the app upon setting it up.

4. Slack/GroupMe

  • Use Slack or GroupMe as a simple way to stay connected with your team when you’re at different venues. Name your group, DF17 and get messages started by email or phone number.
  • Send photos, your location and updates to team members back at your office, as well!
  • Mobile and desktop capabilities for both apps.

5. Peek Tours & Activities

  • Though the majority of your time will be spent running your booth, attending sessions and going to meetings, download the Peek app, in case you get some time to explore San Francisco!
  • After taking a travel persona quiz, Peek will recommend specific activities to you based on your interests.
  • Whether it’s checking out a new restaurant by the Golden Gate Bridge or exploring a trail along the coast, Peek is your best bet for planning a quick getaway during your (rare) Dreamforce downtime.

6. Airline Apps

  • Save yourself the travel troubles by downloading your airline’s mobile app, including, but not limited to Delta, Jet Blue, Southwest and United Airlines.
  • Most have the capability to provide online check-in, paperless boarding passes and real-time updates on your flight.
  • Out of all the things you’ll have to keep track of during the week, your flight home won’t have to be one of them.

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