Dreamforce AppExchange Keynote Highlights

In case you missed the Salesforce AppExchange Keynote, here’s a recap.

1. Big Focus on Lightning Adoption & Einstein AI

Andrew Albert, VP AppExchange Technical Enablement
  • “If your application is not lightning ready and you have not started adopting lighting, the time is now.”
  • “This year we’ve seen incredible partner adoption with over 1,200 lightning ready apps today, including 90 of our top 100 most popular AppExchange apps are lightning ready … what’s driving that adoption is the maturity of lightning as a platform.”
David Schmaier, CEO Vlocity
  • “The new thing we’re super excited about is Einstein. The future is definitely creator intelligence. AI is the future. It couldn’t be more important than in these verticals.”

2. Salesforce DX & Continuous Integration

Bob Marsh, CEO LevelEleven
  • “Because we’re built on Salesforce, we’ve been able to win and support great sales companies like Hewlett-Packard, Comcast, Paycor, and what we’re really obsessed about is how to help these companies get their sales people focused on the behaviors and actions that lead to closing more business.”
  • Wade Wegner (left) , VP of Product Management at Salesforce, explained how LevelEleven uses Salesforce DX to drive everything through a source-driven development model. LevelEleven is implementing a Goal Scheduler tool that allows sales managers to set specific goals for reps.
  • With Salesforce DX, LevelEleven can leverage tools like Circle CI, a continuous integration tool, to run thousands of tests simultaneously across a multitude of Salesforce org shapes, automate packaging of the product, and release to customers with very little human involvement so more time can be spent building great products.

3. New AppExchange = “The Salesforce Store”

Heather Conklin, VP Product Management at Salesforce
  • According to Conklin, showing application prices was “the number one ask” of customers on the AppExchange, so now it’s required.
Business Opportunities on the AppExchange
  • Lightning Data: Ability to bring data sets into your org & optimize customer intelligence.
  • Bolt Solutions: Templates provide companies the ability to create Lightning solutions.

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