How to Take on Dreamforce Like a Pro

take on dreamforce 2014 like a pro
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We’re just days away from the start of Dreamforce ’14, which means it’s the perfect time to make sure your planning and preparations are rounding into finished form. We put together an eBook with more than 40 great tips compiled from a wide range of veteran Dreamforce goers, and you’re not going to want to leave for San Francisco without making sure all your bases are covered when planning for:

– Sessions
– Networking
– Health/Comfort
– Time Management 
– Traveling

Here’s a little excerpt of what you’ll find, and download your free copy for the complete list of Dreamforce tips!


“Eat early in the day so you are not frantically trying to shove a muffin in your mouth
before your 2:30 session as a replacement for missed lunch.”

“Establish 2 or 3 specific goals you have for the week so you can align your Dreamforce
plan to that.”

“Set up Google alerts and/or social media alerts around conference keywords, so you
can stay informed.”

“Carve out time to really walk the expo floor.
There are some amazing companies out there
that you should get to know.”

“Plan your schedule. It’s a busy week with a ton going on, and it’s very
difficult to fly by the seat of your pants.”

“ If there are certain people or vendors you want to meet with in person, reach out to
their team ahead of time to see if you can schedule time. It’s so busy it can be hard to
just ‘swing by and say hi.’”

“ Plan to be flexible. Getting around Dreamforce isn’t a total breeze, and heads
down sprinting from one event to another all day is almost impossible.
With 140,000 people there for similar reasons you should leave your
calendar open to casual interactions and last-minute interests.”

“ There’s so much going on. Talk to people who’ve already been to help you understand
where to spend your time.”

“ It’s often faster to walk than take transportation, like the Dreamforce shuttles.”

“ Leave time in your schedule to explore the dev zones and the partner expo. Pretty
standard tip, but most people don’t often schedule time for this, and it’s not
something you can rush – especially if you’re planning on having conversations with

“ Registering on day one at the Moscone can be crazy. Long lines
and TONS of people. A few of the hotels have registration centers
as well and lines/people are usually significantly less there.”

– Click HERE to get your copy with a complete list of Dreamforce ’14 tips! –

How to Take on Dreamforce Like a Pro
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How to Take on Dreamforce Like a Pro
Get 40+ tips on how to take on Dreamforce like a pro and thrive at the biggest conference of he year in this free eBook!
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