12 Sales Incentives for Dads

Sales Incentives for DadsWhether his business card reads Sales Representative, VP of Sales, CEO or anything else for that matter, there’s one title that trumps them all: Dad.

Dads are awesome. They’re selfless, hard-working guys that give their family their very best day in and day out. They could be rock-star salesmen by day and all-star dads by night, and even though it’s much (much) harder than it looks, they pull it off and make it look darn good.

Here’s celebrating the all-important job of fatherhood with a few ideas that dads will appreciate as dads, and some they can enjoy just for themselves!


Sales Incentives for Dads Being Dads:

1) College Fund

Going big to start out here, but an incentive helping a dad out with his child’s college fund would blow him away. Many dads are working their tails off so they can support the people they love and help them reach their dreams in life; few things trump a college fund in this regard.

Sound too expensive? If he doesn’t have a fund, help him set one up or provide some financial planning resources that can help make it happen.

2) Business Trip? Bring the Fam!

Family time can be scarce for dads on the road, so bringing the family along for a suitable trip could be a great incentive. Helping with accommodations and giving him some schedule flexibility will make it a trip he and his family remember.


For Dads with Younger Kids:

3) Baby Food/Diapers for X Months

Have some new dads in the office? They’ll compete hard for some of those new baby essentials that nobody ever wants to buy.

4) Birthday Party Special Guest

When a kid’s favorite character makes a birthday party appearance, it’s a pretty big deal. Help him look like a superhero to his kid by making this incentive a reality!


For Dads with Older Kids:

5) Dad Event/Trip!

Dads love doing things with their kids, but as the kids get older it often gets tougher to make it happen. Whether the kids are boys or girls, there are plenty of options with this one, but my favorite is the weekend trip to an opposing ball park/stadium. It’s usually a pretty cheap trip for you, and a chance for the dad and children to spend some quality time in a different city.

6) Distillery Tour/Tasting

Dads with kids in their twenties or thirties might enjoy a tour and libations with their kid at a local distillery or brewery. It’s something different to do that both age groups would enjoy.

For non-drinkers, a trip to the gun range or casino could be just as vice-y and grown-up.


Incentives that Dads Will Enjoy (for themselves)


7) Up24 by Jawbone

Dads love gadgets, and the Up24 is like a sales gamification tool for healthy people.

8) BBQ Grill Stone Pizza Set

Dads love to grill, and everyone loves pizza. Putting the two together is a no-brainer.

9) Home Theatre Sound Bar

The sound bar is a must-have for any home theatre system. Make sure the dads on your team are being adequately entertained at home with this incentive.


Things Dads Like to Do:

10) Golf

Set up a round of 18 for you and the winning rep. He gets the recognition, a nice reward and face-time with his boss, and you’re out golfing while driving hard towards those sales goalsa classic win-win.

11) Get Their Travel Plans Upgraded

For reps that spend time on the road, getting bumped up to first class or a nicer hotel room is kind of a big deal. When you’re flying across the country and the minutes start to feel like hours, having that nice big cushy seat to recline in can make all the difference.

12) Get a (damn) Nice Suit

Suits can be a necessary evil in business, but a damn nice one can make a man feel sharp and confident. There are great and affordable suit-makers out there, and dads will appreciate an updated look.

Bonus tip: get his suit embroidered to signify the company and his sales win inside a pocket. 

Even though it’s almost Father’s Day, these are incentives that can work all year round, because if there’s one thing dads never stop doing, it’s being dads. HERE’S TO THE DADS!

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