102 Inexpensive Sales Incentive Ideas [Free eBook]

One year ago this month, we wrote a simple blog post that shared 15 inexpensive sales incentive ideas. To this day, it remains one of our most popular pieces of content, which tells us that you’re interested in the topic. But we don’t want you to be stuck with only 15 ideas. So today, we wrote a new eBook: 102 Inexpensive Sales Incentives Ideas
Sales Incentive Ideas Download it to get the full list; in the meantime, here’s a peek at 15 more cheap incentive ideas that it shares: 

15 Inexpensive Sales Incentive Ideas [eBook Preview]


  1. Custom bobblehead (Get this to resemble the recipient, or a character the recipient would appreciate.)
  2. Recognition in a company-wide email from the CEO
  3. Personal, hand-written note from the CEO
  4. Fun toy from the winner’s childhood (Think Magic 8 Ball, Silly Putty, pet rock…)
  5. New rule: Each time anyone comes in contact with the winner the day after the contest, they have to start that interaction or conversation with a high five
  6. Funny lamp for the winner’s desk (Lava lamp, anyone?)
  7.  Small figurine from the winner’s university for his or her desk
  8. Small figurine from the winner’s university that can go on anyone else’s desk (i.e., the person who went to a rival university)
  9. Slow clap from the entire team each time the winner walks in the room the day after the contest
  10. Fun song played loudly each time the winner walks in the room the day after the contest (Rocky theme song? Yes, please.)
  11. House coffee cup that stays at the office right next to the coffee machine with the winner’s name on it
  12. Winner’s favorite breakfast stocked in the office kitchen for a month
  13. Coupon for winner to pass off one project to another team member
  14. Chance for winner to take on a new project he or she wanted to be assigned
  15. VIP sign in front of winner’s parking spot

Get your copy of the eBook to see the rest! 

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