5 Killer Sales Incentives (in 60 Seconds)

Sales IncentivesAlright, so you’ve heard us preach that layering sales incentives on top of sales contests isn’t mandatory for motivation. It’s true.

But it’s also true that sales incentives have their advantages. They can keep contests fresh, which promotes your sales team’s engagement in competing. They can boost motivation. And the really good incentives? They can do those things and more. (What do you think happens to retention when people recognize that they work in an awesome environment?)

Here are five of those “really good incentives,” each of which we’ve seen clients offer to sales contest winners (and each of which is in our Sales Incentive Ideas eBook, along with several less extravagant examples):

1. Lease to a Mercedes
2. Access to sit in on a professional sports team’s meeting
3. Trip to the NHL Heritage Classic game (for one winner and a guest)
4. Custom-made suits
5. Team trip to Montreal

And here’s some surprising news: One of those was low cost. You’re on it if you guessed #2. The sales reps that received the incentive actually sold tickets for the sports team involved.

For those of you without big budgets for fancy prizes that brings us to one piece of…shall we call it homework? Walk away from this post considering this question: Does our company have access to any unique experiences that could act as exciting sales incentives?

If you come up with something and use it, be sure to let us know. Then we can add to the list for when we go Round 2 on this topic.


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