Your Top 5 Questions on Sales Gamification [Free eBook]

Sales Gamification Questions

Maybe you saw me at one of Bob Marsh’s sessions at Dreamforce ’13. If so, you could have assumed a few things – like that I was part of Bob’s team, given the large white “11” in the center of my gray t-shirt, or that I take lead goals seriously, since I more than likely tried to secretly scan your badge from 5 rows up. But here’s one thing you couldn’t tell: I spent a portion of most sessions playing games in my head.

The thing is, we heard tons of great questions. But most of them kept reappearing. By “Gamification: BS or Bottom Line?” I realized there were about five questions I could expect in new audiences. By “Gamification Isn’t for Kids Anymore,” I started to make bets with myself during Q&A time…

She’s definitely going to ask about preventing sales reps from cheating in sales competitions.

He’s more of a “how would we run contests with long sales cycles” type of guy.

Most of the time I was wrong. Or each time. But regardless, those questions followed us around the conference. I knew they should inspire our first piece of post-Dreamforce content. Today it went live.

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Your Top 5 Questions on Sales Gamification [Free eBook]
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Your Top 5 Questions on Sales Gamification [Free eBook]
Your top questions on sales gamification? Answered in this free eBook.
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