Dev’d in the D

Dev'd in the DSome things are just part of the business. When you launch a company in Detroit, questions on why comprise one of those things.

“Why Detroit?”

“Why not Silicon Valley?”

“Why not somewhere your business could really take off?”

Sometimes these questions root from genuine curiosity; other times they accompany expressions of sympathy. Either way, here’s how we like to respond, and we do so proudly:

“Because Detroit gives us a competitive advantage; people root for us when they find out we’re here by choice and proud of it. Because this area offers more talent than we know what to do with – not the other way around. Because the people are passionate and the opportunities are like nowhere else. Because we can affect the resurgence of an entire city. Because we just downright love the D.” 

We know we’re not the only ones that feel like this, and we started the “Dev’d in the D” campaign to prove it. Stay tuned for details. In the meantime, if you’re one of us, start spreading the word that you’re also proud to be: Dev’d in the D.

Feel free to grab the campaign logo and use it wherever you’d like! If you’re up for it, link it back to this page to let people know what it’s all about!


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