ButtonClickPodcast_225x225Curious what enterprise gamification actually is, or how you should think about it? Ever wonder if gamification only has value as a sales tool, or whether the traditional sales contest is your only option for using competition as a motivator? 25 minutes – that’s how long it’ll take you to find those answers, while listening to LevelEleven CTO Kevin O’Hara talk enterprise gamification on the ButtonClick Admin blog. You’ll also learn things like this:

  • What gamification can do for the middle tier of your workforce
  • Which kinds of incentives work
  • The pitfalls of gamification
  • The story behind LevelEleven
  • What it means to be “native” to Salesforce

Plus, you’ll hear more on the old-school/new-school debate that’s grown with the rise of gamification: Is gamifying the workplace the result of a generation growing up playing more video games and needing that sort of support and reward to do what they’re supposed to?

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Answers to your enterprise gamification questions in 25 minutes
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Answers to your enterprise gamification questions in 25 minutes
Looking for answers to enterprise gamification questions? Take 25 minutes to listen to LevelEleven CTO Kevin O'Hara on a ButtonClick Admin podcast.
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