LevelEleven Summer 2022 Release

We are excited to bring you the latest updates to LevelEleven in our Summer 2022 Release. We are introducing exciting new features, but we’ve also taken a step back to enhance the ways we motivate teams and help support growth in a sustainable way. 

The full list of updates can be found in the link to the Release Notes below, but read on to learn some of the great new offerings from LevelEleven.

LevelEleven is More Flexible than Ever

With the brand new LevelEleven Data Import, users can now import external data directly into LevelEleven. This offers more choice and flexibility and it’s ideal for teams who wish to track data that lives outside of Salesforce — external call logs, special transactions, etc. 

Although it’s a new option, we’ve made the process easy and user friendly. LevelEleven provides a CSV template that can be downloaded directly from Scorecard Builder, and it will pre-fill based on teams of users you wish to include in the template. After it’s imported back into LevelEleven, the data will appear just like any other Metric in Scorecard.

This amount of flexibility is also being applied to existing features like Channel11. With the Summer 2022 Release, users will now be able to add a start and end date/time to any program inside of Channel11. This helps to keep content fresh without needing to constantly return and make changes, allowing optimal flexibility while being much easier to manage.

A New Focus on Goals

How do you, as a manager, know if a goal is driving performance? You can certainly look back at data and see whether or not your team has hit that goal, but is it a good goal? Something like that is pretty hard to interpret. 

This is why we are revising the way we’re looking at goals with the LevelEleven Goal Engine, which will give recommendations on where you should set your goal based on historic performance. 

With LevelEleven Goal Engine, managers can enter goal values and apply to either all users or individuals, and then rely on our goal estimator for further guidance. Once this is done, the system will reveal team members with unrealistic goals (projected to have less than 70% chance of achievement) by highlighting in yellow.

Leaning on this insight, managers can apply new goals to the specific team members to give them a better chance of hitting their target and staying motivated. 

The LevelEleven Goal Engine enables a healthy, sustainable model for attaining goals. It shows you how much you can push your team with stretch goals while also keeping engagement levels high. If you’re setting a goal that won’t ever be achieved, you put your team at risk of becoming disengaged.

Updates to Badges

We are always finding ways to improve the features our users have come to love. In this latest release, we have enhanced the popular Badge feature within LevelEleven.

The email sent out upon receiving a Badge will now include the dynamic image affiliated with the Badge awarded instead of a generic Badge image.

Additionally, users will now be able to see the entire library of Badges that have been awarded to other team members instead of just seeing the ones they have personally received or given out.

A New Integration

Many businesses use Slack to communicate with their teams. We know that it’s a fan favorite for engaging sales teams, which is why we have been working on a way to bring the fun and excitement of LevelEleven into your favorite Slack channels.

With this integration, a message will appear in a designated Slack channel every time a Milestone or Badge is awarded.

Read the release notes (linked below) for more details on how to connect LevelEleven with your Slack channels.

More to Come!

In addition to the features and updates we’ve walked you through, there is still quite a bit to discover in the Summer 2022 Release. The full list of enhancements can be found in our Release Notes

We hope you are as excited as we are about the latest LevelEleven release. Our team is always hard at work to provide the best solutions, support, and overall user experience. 

For more information on this release, and to see all the latest updates in action, watch the recording of our LevelEleven Summer 2022 Release Webinar

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