4 Ways to Create a Sense of Urgency with Sales Prospects

A common (and frustrating) obstacle for salespeople is creating a sense of urgency with prospective customers. We often face meeting no-shows, or receive push-back from prospects for a number of reasons — busy holiday plans, end/start of quarter distractions, etc. 

Whenever you are finding that your prospects are “just too swamped,” use these few tips for building trust to bring your product or service to the top of their priority list.

1. Help your prospects recognize their needs.

Your prospects can’t benefit from your product without acknowledging that they need it. Get them to see the big picture with open-ended questions that reveal where their needs are and demonstrate how you can help solve them. 

When you help them realize there is a need or a problem, you will automatically create a sense of urgency. From there, they are infinitely more likely to take action. 

Let’s say you are working in the sales performance management space. You would try to ask questions that would uncover sales performance needs, such as:

  • Are you trying to keep your team focused on the right things?
  • What are the key initiatives that you are working on, and how are you keeping your team focused on them?
  • What are the specific selling behaviors that you would like your team to improve immediately?

Key takeaway: “Need to have” products create urgency. “Nice to have” products get the push off. Which is yours?

ways to create a sense of urgency for sales prospects - image 1

2. Spend less time selling and more time listening.

The less you sell/pitch, the more you’ll command the attention of your prospects. Of course, you will ultimately be trying to demonstrate your value, but the key to a successful conversation is simply lending an ear. 

Making the conversation primarily about them, as opposed to what you’re selling, will keep your prospect engaged. You may be surprised at the urgency you can create simply by allowing your prospect to come to their own conclusions, as opposed to berating them with sales speak.

Key takeaway: You have 2 ears and 1 mouth — use them proportionately!

3. Be a problem solver.

Once you have your prospect on the phone, make this time count. This is the perfect opportunity to communicate and share ideas on how to quickly resolve problems or address concerns that affect them. 

Be clear and articulate on how you can minimize pain points and add value where there’s a need. Oftentimes, prospects respond favorably to personalized attention to detail, which will help you have more candid, meaningful conversations that ultimately shorten your sales cycle.

Key takeaway: Salespeople don’t create urgency. Problem solvers do.

ways to create a sense of urgency - problem solver

4. Find opportunities to continue communicating value.

Continue to keep your prospects engaged by sending thoughtful notes, updates, relevant articles, case studies, eBooks and referrals. It only takes a few minutes each time, and becoming a valuable resource while staying on their radar will keep you and your product top of mind.

Obviously, pestering isn’t the goal. Offering beneficial information that informs your prospects’ decisions will be welcomed and help in maintaining communication while building rapport in the process.

Key takeaway: You worked hard to plant the seed with your prospect, now make sure it grows. Providing value with persistence is what leads to sales wins. 

Try incorporating these simple steps into your everyday sales process, and you will not only create a stronger sense of urgency among your prospects, but help build the trust, rapport and satisfaction that will ultimately make the buying journey a success for all parties involved.

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