Using LevelEleven for Field Sales

LevelEleven Drives Salesforce Adoption for Field Reps

This isn’t meant to be a callout, but we know it isn’t always easy to get field sales reps to quickly adopt Salesforce, especially when it comes to your integrated solutions. We get it, you’re always on the move with little time to log things. 

We empathize with the challenges you may experience trying to log your activities in Salesforce while you’re out in the field, but it’s extremely beneficial for you to take thorough notes while it’s fresh in your mind, not hours later when you’re home. Especially if your sales leader is one of the many who follows the ‘single source of truth’ philosophy, reminding you that if something isn’t recorded in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist.

Although most leaders probably wish their team could be more self-sufficient and disciplined when it comes to taking advantage of your CRM, sometimes we all need a little extra motivation. Many teams use LevelEleven to encourage their reps to log activities and notes in Salesforce with Contests and Leaderboards.

One way to do this is to run a contest where each time a rep updates the address field on an account, they score a point. The person with the points at the end will be a big winner with a physical prize and more importantly, clean and updated data.

Use LevelEleven to Improve Customer Communication

Use LevelEleven to stay on top of your accounts and quickly identify which accounts have little (or no) recent activity. This ensures you’re best serving your customer base and keeping in-touch with prospective customers. 

There’s a number of reasons why customer communication could be stagnant, but as the account owner, it is your responsibility to stay top-of-mind for your customers. Ask your manager about creating a LevelEleven metric that displays opportunities sitting in one stage for too long.

If an opportunity is in one stage for too long, chances are an action needs to be taken. As a rep, it’s up to you to decide what to do next. LevelEleven helps visualize which accounts you need to reach out to, opportunities you need to close or update, and more. 

Tip: Use a waterline metric to create a threshold-like metric for all opportunities with no activity for 90 days. Each time an activity is logged, LevelEleven will update the metric to reflect the new goal. 

Know When You Fall Off Track and Course-Correct Sooner

As a field sales rep, a big focus of yours is hitting your quota. Whether that quota is discussed monthly, quarterly or yearly, it’s beneficial to see how you’re stacking up against your goals, especially in real-time! LevelEleven displays your activity live inside of Salesforce. 

Scorecards are one of the top features of LevelEleven, but the true benefit for anyone in sales is the visibility and self-awareness it gives field reps. Gone are the days of going through your day-to-day, hoping you’re on-target. Now, you can avoid being caught off guard, unsure of where you stand, or left at the end of the quarter trying to play catch-up. 

Use LevelEleven to see your individual and team activity anytime, and then utilize our dynamic Conversion Insights calculator to investigate exactly how to hit your goals. For example, maybe your manager is giving you a high target quota because they know you can reach it. You can use LevelEleven to show you exactly how to meet your goal. 

Using LevelEleven to Standardize Coaching

A multinational conglomerate has a B2B field sales team with goals primarily around activity and check ins. They’re using LevelEleven to standardize how they coach their sales teams beginning with how they document their coaching conversations. 

Although one major component of LevelEleven is gamification, it really is so much more than that. This particular customer came to us because they wanted to coach their reps better. They read the book Cracking the Sales Management Code: The Secrets to Measuring and Managing Sales Performance by Jason Jordan and knew that a coaching solution was what they needed. 

LevelEleven is now embedded into everything they do. The sales team has seen instant success from documenting their coaching, utilizing activity snapshots and custom coaching templates, and creating action items inside of Salesforce. Their team performs better because they have set higher standards from the very beginning (during onboarding) usingLevelEleven.

A User-Friendly Solution for Your Field Sales Team

Unlike some coaching or performance management solutions, field sales teams actually love LevelEleven. With easily identifiable pacing colors, real-time leaderboards, personal goal attainment insights, and a current monthly focus, your goals are always clear, taking the uncertainty out and driving success. 

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