Who Will Be the Next CRM Idol?

Next CRM Idol

With your help, one small company in the CRM industry will take it all home. By one company, we mean one “CRM Idol” finalist. And by “it all,” we mean status as potentially one of the next big things in the CRM world, along with six prizes chosen from a list of options like: consulting from well-known CRM analysts and influencers, opportunity to get in front of a Tier 1 venture capital firm, license packages from salesforce.com and even marketing automation software.

The point of the CRM Idol competition is simple: give exposure and resources to the little guy. And not just any little guy – the one who most deserves it, as determined by a panel of judges and the public. That’s where you come in.

On November 12, after thoroughly vetting 45 CRM-related contestant companies – via reference checks, demos, interviews and well, the works as far as vetting’s concerned – the CRM Idol team announced these 5 finalists:

1. BlueCamroo  provides a comprehensive small business suite that can assist with responsibilities ranging from collaboration to project management.

2. Cirruspath – known for Cirrus Insight, the most popular app for integrating Google Apps and Gmail with salesforce.com on the Salesforce AppExchange. (Cirruspath is also a LevelEleven partner; read about that here.)

3. MindTouch – specializes in Knowledge as a Service, especially focusing on customer service problem solving and interactions.

4. NextPrinciples – offers Insight-to-Action analytics, a platform that focuses on key metrics around customer engagement.

5. UserVoice – has an application that provides multi-channel customer service, while hosting opportunities for customer feedback and input.

Today marks the seventh and final day for the public to help determine which one of them will be crowned as third annual CRM Idol, by voting online. (See links below.) The public will account for 50 percent of the vote. The other 50 percent will come from a panel of judges, which the CRM Idol website describes as possibly: “…the greatest panel of judges — leading vendors, media, CRM practitioner leaders and influencers ever assembled in the history of CRM — not to be hyperbolic or anything.”

So, what are you waiting for? Take a few minutes to review each finalist’s video and cast your vote. (Each voting link below will take you to the appropriate CRM Idol page.) Then on December 18, we can find out who will take it all home.




Vote for BlueCamroo

Cirrus Insight


Vote for Cirrus Insight



Vote for Insight-to-Action



Vote for MindTouch





Vote for UserVoice 

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