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by David Leinweber September 15, 2017

3 Reasons You Need a Sales Scorecard

Tracking sales activities in a spreadsheet has become commonplace. Often referred to as a sales scorecard, this tool allows sales leaders to better manage the cascading chain of controllable activities that lead to sales. This is the first step towards a modern sales management system. As “Cracking the Sales Management Code” authors Jason Jordan and

by Julie Dunn September 11, 2014

One Small Sales Hack that will Skyrocket Your New Business Growth

[Bob Marsh is the Founder & CEO of LevelEleven]  According to research from sales expert CSO Insights, salespeople spend only 37% of their time actually selling and interacting with customers. While that number seems alarming, it makes sense when you consider their other tasks – pre-call planning, account research, prospecting to secure meetings, training, internal meetings