Depending on the size of your company, aligning sales and marketing can be an endeavor of varying difficulty. The one certainty is that it is an endeavor, and it is difficult. Sometimes very difficult. Big dogs like our own CEO Bob Marsh provide some great insight on approaching this challenge from the executive perspective [see: “The CMO’s...
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Content’s not just a marketing thing. And I’m not just saying that because I have a thing for content. I’m saying it because I watch our sales team here at LevelEleven find value in inbound marketing content all the time — and beyond simply case studies. They use content like recorded webinars, checklists and eBooks in...
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Sales and marketing functions have been siloed entities and borderline rivals since…well, it’s been a long time. In organizations of all sizes, sales and marketing communities historically butt heads with one another. Think about it: Your marketing team has just allocated a significant amount of time, resources and money on marketing campaigns and other initiatives...
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