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by Brendan Hartt September 29, 2014

Turbocharge G2 Crowd Reviews: The LevelEleven Way

The modern business is constantly evaluating new ways of using technology to improve efficiency and drive rapid growth. But so many options are out there and with so many coming from new, unproven companies, it’s critical to know what and who you can really trust. G2 Crowd has rapidly become the trusted source of enterprise software reviews from

by Julie Dunn September 24, 2014

Bridging the Sales & Marketing Divide: A First Hand Account

As marketers, we work hard to drive high quality leads into the sales pipeline so that account teams can take over and close deals. If the business were a baby, well, the baby’s gotta eat or it can’t grow — and we take pride in making sure there is a steady flow of nutrients coming in

by Julie Dunn June 27, 2014

Investors to CMOs: Align Marketing & Sales

With the rise of big data, as well as an expanding array of tools and the constantly shifting expectations of modern customers, the nature of the CMO (or VP of Marketing) position has changed rapidly in recent years — from a role primarily championing creativity to one requiring robust analytical and strategic skills, as well.

by Julie Dunn June 20, 2014

Sales & Marketing Alignment [Webinar]

Critical Challenge, Simple Solution. In a perfect world, sales and marketing teams would be working together like a well-oiled machine, leading customers from one end of their buying journey to the other seamlessly and with a singular voice and purpose. In the real world, it doesn’t always work out this way, and companies are paying

by Julie Dunn June 11, 2014

Motivate Sales & Marketing Teams by Banning Burnout [Free eBooks]

We all know that we live in a world of connectivity. All connected. All the time. Old news. When it comes to motivating sales and marketing teams, we’re all looking for ways to build on that technology that connects us, asking questions like: What’s the hottest incentive? What kinds of software solutions can motivate sales and/or marketing?

by Julie Dunn June 10, 2014

How to Align Marketing with Sales [Free eBook]

A recent Marketo study shared that companies with strong sales and marketing alignment are 67% better at closing deals and extract 280% more from marketing. Easier said than done, right? Not necessarily. There are a few simple solutions you can use to begin closing that sales and marketing gap. Catch four of them in our new eBook: “How to