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by Julie Dunn September 15, 2014

Take a Peek at the Insider’s Guide to Connections 2014!

We all know that going to conferences can be stressful, and making preparations intimidating . With so many variables, from travel arrangements to attending sessions, meeting with clients or just finding time to eat and exercise, you have to be sure to plan for as much as you can, and be prepared to adapt as things happen along the

by Julie Dunn September 10, 2014

Your Insider’s Guide to Connections 2014!

Connections is a truly incredible event. Four days in late September will be filled with, as the Connections team likes to say, “inspiration, education and entertainment.” This is the can’t miss conference for digital marketing, hosted by the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, and we want you to be as inspired, educated and entertained as humanly possible on

by Julie Dunn June 12, 2014

7 GIFs that describe the Cloud Collective launch…as we see it

Alright, so we’ve been up to something good, but just couldn’t tell you. Until now, that is, because the news is out: There’s a new alliance in town. It’s called the Cloud Collective, and it consists of 9 SaaS providers, all of which are Salesforce ISVs (independent software partners). The purpose? To strengthen the cloud ecosystem

by Julie Dunn May 23, 2014

When We Talked at Xactly’s CompCloud ’14 [Video]

Did you chat with the LevelEleven team at Xactly’s CompCloud ’14? If that’s a yes, this one’s for you: Check out more LevelEleven videos.

by Julie Dunn May 21, 2014

Techweek Invades Detroit; Business & Tech Innovators Abound!

  “Techweek is where entrepreneurs and tech tycoons alike meet for a week long celebration of all things tech. Our approach is to bring together an entire tech community under a BIG TENT and then shine a global SPOTLIGHT on the ecosystem.” -(techweek.com/detroit) Why Detroit?? Needless to say, it’s a pretty exciting time here in

by Julie Dunn April 30, 2014

To Those We Met at Chicago’s Salesforce1 Tour… [Video]

If we met you at Chicago’s Salesforce1 Tour, then we made this video for you. Because there’s something we think you should know.   Visit LevelEleven.com/Chicago