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by Julie Dunn June 18, 2015


Most sales leaders run sales contests; all sales leaders love benchmark data. (Or they should.) If you’re a sales leader, that means you’re in for one awesome blog post. For the last two and a half years, we studied sales performance at 445 companies. Today, we broke some of it down according to sales contest

by Julie Dunn April 29, 2015

10 Tips for Running the Ultimate Sales Contest

At LevelEleven, we study sales contests. We just have this thing for collecting new wisdom on what works best for motivating sales teams and optimizing sales performance. Recently, we decided to summarize some of it — to come up with an updated list of our 10 best tips for building the ultimate sales contest. Today, we want to share them

by Julie Dunn December 18, 2014

3 Steps to Fresh Sales Contests — And Why That’s Important

Sales contests have been run since the beginning of time (…or sales organizations) for one reason: to drive better sales performance. Simply put, oftentimes your reps will do more with sales contests than without — as long as you know how to keep your strategy fresh, that is. Imagine for a second that you’re running the same contest month

by Julie Dunn December 8, 2014

4 Reasons Your Sales Contests Are Failing

As a customer success manager at LevelEleven, my job revolves around helping VP’s of Sales and Marketing successfully improve their teams’ performance. Part of that, comes from helping them with the strategy needed to run powerful, automated sales contests. And in doing that, there are four mistakes I constantly see. Are you making any of these sales contest

by Julie Dunn October 29, 2014

Resist the Temptation! Keep Your Sales Contests Simple

[Cameron is a Customer Success Manager at LevelEleven] When we talk with customers about running successful sales contests, one of the first things we say is: “Don’t overcomplicate it!” Sounds easy, right? Not always. It can be very tempting to want to motivate everything that’s important to making sales, as opposed to keying in on what

by Brendan Hartt September 29, 2014

Turbocharge G2 Crowd Reviews: The LevelEleven Way

The modern business is constantly evaluating new ways of using technology to improve efficiency and drive rapid growth. But so many options are out there and with so many coming from new, unproven companies, it’s critical to know what and who you can really trust. G2 Crowd has rapidly become the trusted source of enterprise software reviews from