How to install

Step-by-step instructions
  1. Install the LevelEleven Managed Package
    1. Install into a Production org
    2. Install into a Sandbox
  2. Enable Demo Mode (from Lightning experience)
    1. Navigate to: Setup Home | Custom Code | Custom Settings | Scorecard
    2. Click New for Default Organization Level Value (Note: Two “New” buttons will display on screen, select the top “New” button)
    3. Check Demo Mode
    4. Click Save
    For Salesforce Classic instructions, click here.
  3. Insert Scorecard Component on Homepage
    1. From the home page, click the lightning gear icon.
      1. “Shrink to View” is easiest for editing
      2. Modify page to drop Scorecard component onto right side of Home Page
    2. Click Save
    3. Reload Home Page

How to Demo