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Paycor Increases Efficiency Using LevelEleven to Better Compete


Paycor, a high growth, leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider of Payroll and Human Resources software solutions, helps manage and develop the employees of more than 40,000 businesses nationwide. The company has grown quickly and continues to have extremely high growth targets. Paycor needed a way to motivate it’s high-velocity inside sales teams and keep activity up in order to hit it’s goals. In addition, managers needed real-time visibility and the ability to coach and develop team members.


Reps needed to easily see if they were making enough calls, conducting enough first meetings, and creating enough new pipeline each month to succeed according to Paycor’s “seller success equation.” Managers were not able to view their reps’ activity in real-time and therefore, when reps would fall behind, it took significant time and effort to course correct. When it came to new first managers, many were still acting as “super sellers” instead of transition into coaches. They were in need of systems and processes that would give insight into which reps and what behaviors warranted developmental focus.


LevelEleven Solution

Paycor’s “seller success equation” is a strategy for managing growth at the company. It came to life as a real-time performance management system using LevelEleven’s scorecards. Both reps and managers now have visibility into their activity to keep up with selling targets. If a rep is behind, their Performance Scorecard tells them what they need to do right now to get back on track. Managers are now better equipped to track their reps’ progress through scorecards that offer the ability to drill down into the details of every call or meeting in real-time.


Contests help motivate sellers and unlock healthy competition that fuels growth. Channel11, LevelEleven’s live TV broadcast, runs on TV screens throughout the sales floor, creating a culture of excitement, fun, and accountability that drives productivity. Reps are competitive sellers that want to win so managers run contests to motivate reps, as they can see how they are ranking among the team right on the TVs.



According to the VP of Sales Operations, Brian Vass, “Paycor is fast growing with plans to grow even faster, so it’s critical that we’re focusing on improving sales productivity and LevelEleven helps us do that.”


Reps and managers alike maintain that they are motivated to make more calls everyday and conduct more meetings each week as a results of the visibility and accountability LevelEleven provides.


Their leadership has stated LevelEleven’s Coaching solution has transformed new managers from super sellers into leaders who are able to develop their fast growing sales organization.



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