Ascent Cloud merger frequently asked questions

  • What is Ascent Cloud?
    Ascent Cloud provides industry-leading solutions for sales and customer-facing teams that enhance their CRM and empower leaders to improve performance. By combining the power of multiple products we are able to provide our customers with end-to-end solutions to address the challenges that they face on a daily basis. Elevate your business with software built for the modern team. For more information visit


  • Why are Geopointe and LevelEleven Merging?
    Geopointe and LevelEleven are merging to provide a better experience for our customers. By creating one company that can provide multiple solutions for sales and customer-facing teams, we believe we can solve more challenges our customers are facing today and we have plans to build even broader solutions for the future.


  • What are the benefits of this merger to Geopointe and LevelEleven customers?
    Geopointe and LevelEleven customers will continue to experience the same product, services and team they have come to know and expect with this merger. In addition, current customers will also now be able to leverage additional solutions from a single product suite. 


  • Who is my point of contact at Ascent Cloud?
    We will make every effort to minimize any disruption to current relationships you have with LevelEleven. You can continue to reach out to your Account Executive, Account Manager or Customer Success Manager for assistance with your account or send an email to


  • Who do I contact for tech support now?
    For LevelEleven support visit our support site where you can find a library of tech support solutions as well as the opportunity to submit a support ticket.
  • Are there any changes in Salesforce that I need to be aware of?
    No changes have been made in the installation of LevelEleven in your Salesforce instance.


  • Will this change my LevelEleven core product in any way?
    No changes have been made to your current account. Users will continue to enjoy the same first-class experience they are used to when utilizing their licenses.


  • Do I now have both products/do I have all the same products?
    You will have the same products after the merger that you did before the merger, but you have the option to easily learn about and add more solutions to your tech stack while working with your Customer Success Manager to implement and support all additional solutions.



  • Will I need to go through another security review?
    No, you will not need to go through another security review. Geopointe and LevelEleven are native solutions built upon the trusted Salesforce platform.


  • How will my renewal work?
    Your Customer Success Manager will lead you through the renewal process when the time comes.



Do I need to update my payment information?
Payments to LevelEleven bank accounts will continue to be processed as they are today until 4/30/2020. Please update your Accounts Payable systems to reflect the following updates below.

Headquarters Information
Legal Entity Name: Ascent Cloud LLC (fka Geopointe LLC) – established 9/29/2017
Address: 28 West Adams Ave, Suite 800, Detroit, MI, 48226
Phone: 313-662-2000

Accounts Receivable Information
Name: Ascent Cloud Billing
Phone: 313-662-2000


Banking Information

Bank transfers

Bank:  JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA

Bank Address: 270 Park Ave. New York, NY 10017

Phone Number:  212-270-6000

Account holder: Ascent Cloud LLC (fka Geopointe LLC)

Account number: 223118669

ABA Number: 072000326



Checks (Lockbox)

Make payable to “Ascent Cloud LLC”

P.O. Box 102118

Pasadena, CA 91189-2118

United States


Identification Numbers

US Federal taxpayer identification number:  82-3015447

DUNS: 17-411-8575

SIC Code: 7389

NAICS Code: 561990

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