WHERE TO START: The most popular opportunity contest being run with LevelEleven partners is one that rewards participants for stage progression; motivate your folks to move their opportunities a step closer to a ‘win’. 

Other ideas include a contest that rewards participants for new opportunities added during the contest timeframe, a contest that is based on prospecting, rewarding participants for adding a competitive presence (if applicable) to an opportunity, or one that rewards participants for new opportunities generated supporting a new product you are bringing to market.

Star Wars Day (May 4th)
NAME: Judge Me By My Size, Do You?
POSSIBLE PRIZES: Star Wars on Blu-Ray (or equivalent value via a Best Buy gift card for those not Star Wars fans), Item worth $X from https://starwars.com/shop/all

National Beverage Day (May 6th)
NAME: 7-Up(ping) Your Opportunities
NAME: Jolt Awake Your Opportunities
POSSIBLE PRIZES: Sodastream, Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Beer Kit, grocery store gift card, 12-Pack of Soda or Beer